S T Dupont Olympio Chinese Lacquer and Palladium Fountain Pen


S T Dupont Chinese Lacquer and Palladium Diamond Head

S T Dupont Olympio Chinese Lacquer and Palladium Fountain Pen


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Product Description

The Olympio’s curved form and soft lines provide a simple, timeless elegance. Extra-Large, Large, Medium and Mini; Olympio’s majestic proportions are available in four different sizes, combining writing comfort with your choice of personal style.

The Extra-Large and Large fountain pens have 18 carat gold rhodium plated nibs, delicately worked and decorated with elegant arabesques. The Medium Olympio fountain pen has a 14 carat gold rhodium plated nib.

The articulated pocket clip keeps shirt and jacket pockets looking neat, and it adjusts itself to different thicknesses of fabric.

The S.T. Dupont signature appears on the engraved central ring. Each piece is unique thanks to an identification number engraved on the side of the clip.

Filling Mechanisms: Cartridge/Converter

Fountain Pen Nib Sizes: Fine, Medium, Broad

About S T Dupont

In 2012, S.T Dupont celebratied 140 exceptional years spent serving the great and the grand, an event which will combine the present with the best of the past. Line D Elysée, a new leather goods line, displays a return to the brand's origins, proudly proclaiming its long years of service: Malletier depuis 1872. For 140 years, S.T.Dupont has expressed its passion for outstanding craftsmanship, passed down from generation to generation. In the 21st century, the legend lives on, in perfect harmony with its roots and a future of promise.

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